multiplicative: (her voice is just a memory)

on the last good day of the year

(we'll remember this all of our lives)

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Name:cathy pandathy
Birthdate:Jul 11
Location:United States of America

{they were two by the sea}
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Hi. I'm Cathy. I may or may not hate beautiful things. I used to be two_if_by_sea on LJ.

I can also be found:
- multiplicative [at] gmail
- seasquared [at] tumblr
- [personal profile] retrocontinuity: anime/manga journal

My second guinea pig died of post traumatic stress disorder after being lifted out of its cage by its fur. I am missing thirteen teeth, including all four wisdom teeth. When I was in second grade my friends and I played live action Sims during recess, pretending to be rice farmers tending a plot of crabgrass. When I grow up I am going to be an anime character. Please feel free to friend or defriend as you like! No explanation is required for either. Almost all fic will be posted unlocked (I am not a very private person by nature) and can be found in my memories. RL posts are usually friendslocked because otherwise you'd just get sick of me. Fics are not always warned for content. I try my best and usually do warn for sexual content, but I make no promises, especially when it comes to angst or character death. Please proceed with your own discretion. (But you are always free to contact me if there is a particular fic you would like to be more thoroughly warned for!)

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